What goes into a player transfer

The English and German soccer transfer windows are now open so today i want to talk about what really goes on when a player moves to another team. This may also apply to other sports like basketball and baseball.

A transfer is when a club pays a sum of money to another team for a player ordinarily under contract for that player to begin to feature for that club. A transfer can also involve a player swap with another player like what happened when Alexis Sanchez left Arsenal for Manchester United with Henrich Mkhitaryan heading the opposite direction. The first contact between the clubs involves a formal approach from a clue representative to the player of interest usually through the player’s agent. The player’s club either declines or approves the interest. If the interest is accepted the clubs can begin negotiating a fee for the player. There have been cases where clubs have declined approaches but the interested clubs have continued with approaches prompting complaints to FIFA,UEFA and English FA.

Once the fee is agreed the interested club goes ahead and negotiates personal terms with the player. This includes salary,perks such as transport and housing. If personal terms are agreed this paves way for a medical examination to ensue. This is done by interested clubs medical team,if player passes he or she proceeds to sign the contract as agreed. Oh,the player agents get a chunk of the fee too lucky bastards. Now,in the mid 1990s a controversial court case caused waves if excitement across the world regarding these transfers. This occured in Belgium. Jean-Marc Bosman had a contract which was expiring in a matter of months with RRC Lierge and had agreed to join a club in France upon expiry. When the contract with Lierge expired the French club refused to pay a transfer fee to Lierge sighting expiry of Bowman’s contract as the basis. Lierge in turn refused to grant Bosman a transfer certificate prompting Bosman to approach the court of abitration for sport. Bosman’s career was in limbo for quite some time. In 1995 the court ruled that any player whose contract expires is free to join any club of his or her choice as a free agent without recourse to the previous team. Thus the Bosman ruling / transfer was born,the benchmark of all free transfers thereafter.

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Outbreak of Covid 19

Hard to contemplate…but i was astounded at how movies closely mimic real life. Yesterday was watching a 1995 film OUTBREAK staring Dustin Hoffman,Morgan Freeman and Rene Russo. This film centres on a disease Motaba discovered in the Jungles of Zaire now DRC of course. The disease threatens a town near Boston amid panic and pandemonium. What I love about this film wasn’t the science at all but the politics of pandemics. Similar to Covid 19 there are sinister forces in operation making it an edge of the seat thriller for thriller junkies such as myself. This is a must see film for fans of Science fiction and action thrillers. For those in Africa you can catch this film on DSTV channel 137.


Been following this hashtag for a day or so. What’s fascinating about racism in schools is that the black teachers are more often than not at the centre of institutionalised racism. In case you don’t know what I am talking about #blackat is about experiences of black students in predominantly white private schools. I think this is more out of fear for loss of USD salaries than lack of empathy for fellow blacks. Moreover its not like somebody is holding a gun to the head of parents forcing them to put their kids through hell. I’m fact I m informed to get into such schools parents get into a waiting list of up to 6 years waiting for a place,bribes have not been ruled out as well. So who is perpetuating racism in schools…


Football is back. Do i hear cheers reverberating around the globe. Yesss… this weekend we saw Laliga action with the clash of the weekend for me being Barcelona’s defeat of Real Mallorca. The most interesting thing about the matches being played in empty stadiums is the artificial noise and simulated crowds in the stands. From my point of view this is super moronic. I mean these things dont have a bearing on whether a team performs well or not. It just serves to distract players… Real Madrid made a good restart to the league with a 3-1 defeat of Eibar at the Santiago Benabeu. Let me know your thoughts on the weekend action.