A season high 39 points and 9 rebounds for King James as he surpassed the all time Christmas day scoring record. Depleted Nets were without Kevin Durant, Irving but they didn’t show signs of struggle in this one. James Harden taking the baton with open arms getting a triple double, 36 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. Patty Mills proving that he is a crunch time player getting 8 from down town as he got 34 points. Watch him plant one on the fast break at 6-4 Nets after some good defense on LeBron. Whilst Nets were shooting more from down town, Lakers were content to power them in from the paint. Nets led by 15 points going into Q2.

It was more like it from the Lakers at start Q2. Deadly in the transition and fast break. Check out LeBron starting the move with a quick pass to Anthony then finished off by Monk. No need for a thousand bounces, Nets lead cut to single digits. Just as LA was building ahead of steam, back came the Nets. That guy again Mills dangerous on the drive at 47-37 Nets. The half ending on a high for Brooklyn, Harden having the last day with this huge 3 at 63-59 drawing the foul as well. No need to get this close to him I think, don’t you? Great rally from Lakers at start of Q3 sinking more threes to tie the game at last. LeBron and Giannis are in the same bracket. They are so hard to guard when the power toward the bucket on the drive. Watch 75-72 Nets. Only way to stop them is to double team outside the arch. The 3s were fee and far between from the Lakers though, probably the reason they lost.

Brooklyn started pulling away again. I love the movement from Mills. Check out 95-82 Nets. The guy always wants the ball,pulls markers away from his teammates, frees then up as a result. He really destroyed the Lakers in Q3 as the Nets took a huge and ultimately insurmountable 20 point lead into Q4. Much better Q4 from the Lakers to lose by only 7. This included a burst from the King as he garnered 13 points in a 17-0 run. The Lakers losing their fifth straight game.