Let’s face it Boxing, the lightweight division in particular, is crying out for a poster boy since Money went out to spend his money. Davis looks promising WITH AN UNBEATEN streak which stretches the 10 years of his pro career.The fact that he hold the WBA lightweight title is no fluke. Opponent is Ryan Garcia is also unbeaten , has been doing this since he was practically in diapers, making this a must see. The reason folks fell in love with lightweight boxing is the propensity for fights to go the distance, giving paying public what they want. I am happy to say I was wrong. Why? Leaving it to two guys sitting on a bench tends to leave one of the fighters aggrieved. The measured approach by both fighters in Round 1 tends to suggest that it might go to the fellows on the bench. The surprise Round was Round two. No doubt Gervonta’s reach disadvantage may have prompted Garcia to go for the jugular that early in the match.

You know what? Davis handled that onslaught so well he got his first knock out of the match during it. Game plan , Davis was crouch low enough so that Garcia wont reach the vital parts, face and ribs. Ryan didn’t protect himself well enough on that one. It was back to default mode in round three, sensible boxing, conservative boxing. Davis was ahead on points on my little card by then. Best Round from Garcia was Round 5, he landed telling blows to Davis. The thing with Davis is that he is a clever little fighter, he boxes close to the ropes each time he boxes a boxer with height advantage over him, you know in case of trouble. Round 7 was the final round and what a surprising knockout it was. It seemed like an innocuous enough blow to the midriff that left Ryan winded. The beauty of having a non title bout is that both have nothing to lose so they go for the victory. The bad part is that if a boxer is down(and clearly hurt in the nose) like Ryan did there, there really isn’t much of an incentive to carry on. I believe if there was a title on the line he could have carried on. But hey your health comes first. Good bout to make you fall in love with Boxing again.