Dallas on the road to Tampa for the final wild card playoff game. End of an era? Certainly looks like it. It’s a matter of opinion but Tom Brady shouldn’t have come back. This was as poor a regular season as I have seen him in a while, his teams rarely drop to 0.500. That is not to say TB12 isn’t that good. He got 351 yards ,46 yards more than Dak Prescott but Dak’s success rate was the ultimate difference. Dak had 76% caught passes to Brady’s 53%. Slow start from the Bucs whose defense looked vulnerable. The opening TD Schultz from the Cowboys looked soft from the Tampa Bay perspective. How poor was the TB offense? Check out 2nd Q 6-0 Cowboys 2nd and goal, the Bucs with the football. Brady and number 17 Cage not on the same frequency and it happened way too often. It was an awesome night for Prescott. Loved his first TD. Pressure situation at 2nd Q 6:13 4th and Goal. The TB defense had just come from a huge defensive play at 3rd and Goal, where a lesser person could have gone for the FG.

That 18-0 half time lead was big and proved insurmountable, and Brett Maher is one relieved kicker. He missed all TD confirmation kicks bar one. What’s up with his technique? Using the right hand post as a measuring stick, Maher is too far to the right such that when he kicks he slices through the football too wide. Taking an extra step did him in. The Bucs took long to come to the party. The Cowboys were having their own way. Check out the TD at 18-0 10:13, 2nd and goal. Look how much time Dak had with the football. Being given so much time also gives the wide receiver Gallup the chance to maneuver. And no he wasn’t out of bounds. TB12 rolling the years with that 50 yard pass to Jones at 24-0 Cowboys , seconds left in the third, was the major highlight for Tampa in an otherwise lackluster, disappointing game. Tampa ending their season with a negative win-loss record, time to move on from Brady, reestablish that attacking instinct for 2024 which possibly means coach Todd Bowles time may also be up