Thirteen major trophies in top flight soccer. Currently positioned third in a tough top five league. Yet Bianconerri manager Max Allegri finds himself in the most precarious of positions. A victim of his own success, victim of the never go back to the place you did well so that you outdo yourself. The criticism is certainly not fair. Juve comes into this game in decent form, in fact they won their last six games in Serie A. It’s the manner of the second half implosion on top of the resentment of that early champions league exit that’s got the Allegri out bunch out in full force. Napoli are running away with the title this season with no real challengers emerging and that is a surprise. Expected the likes of Milan and Inter to mount a serious one. Attacking wise, the arrival of Georgian Kvaratskhelia from Russian soccer was unexpected and perhaps the find of the season. Successful dribbles is his thing but also his goal attempts are crucial even though he doesn’t score that much. That’s Victor Osimhen’s job.

Look Juventus had that period just before half time when they were threatening , chief protagonist being Di Maria. I believe you get more joy playing the Argentine as a number 10 than a winger(letting the Chiesas and Kostics do the crossing) which Allegri seems to get. Another feather in the Italian coach’s tampled on hat. The three Brazilians that he chose for his back three were never comfortable. Sandro, Bremer and Danilo always have a mistake in them, looking lightweight without Bonucci. I don’t mean to bash Juventus but let’s count the defensive mistakes. Osimhen’s second, why didn’t Sandro just clear with his knee and why Danilo came inside is only your own guess? Can’t fault the Rahmani strike which was scintillating. Another Danilo head scratcher for Osimhen’s second. I am sure Juve’s next game will see a return to a back four. The new Juve board of directors need time tosort the Turin club’s financial mess and give Allegri the right players.