They say Napoleon Bonaporte enjoyed winning a battle and winning as if it were a sport. They say he celebrated becoming emperor of France with a banquet of the century, all inclusive with wine , dancers the whole shebang . Victory feels good. Victory gets you dopamine in the brain, the hormone of passion and adrenalin the hormone of ecstasy. The same adrenalin is the hormone of anger. Sports is a discipline of anger and passion. It evokes both extremes of emotion. Just last month the whole of Argentina was celebrating the home coming of their world cup heroes. This week has seen the other side of sports. The aggressive side, the focus of my writing today. Just last night Dewayne Demon,an experienced player of the Miami Heat ,got ejected from their game with the Thunder for the most moronic of actions. Dedmon saw it fit to throw a massage gun onto the floor in the middle of play. Atletico De Madrid player Stefan Savic and Ferran Torres got an early shower(well it was early-ish as it was the 92nd minute) for an impromptu middle of the pitch MMA fight. Now what possesses experienced , well remunerated athletes to behave like toddlers? Well besides the aforementioned chemical reasons, how about just being pissed off at the coach.

When Dedmon fired his gun, he was seen on the bench arguing with his coach on the bench. Theory one, Dedmon’s ego got the best of him. Look being benched is a big ego punch and for a 10 year veteran like Dewayne it got to hurt. But even if you are so good at your craft , you can’t know it all. So for not showing the humility, Dedmon deserves the ejection and the subsequent suspension that is surely coming. That is not to say the NBA shouldn’t be lenient. After all its just a massage gun , not an AK 47. ANGER GETS THE BEST OF EVERYONE. Even Messi. During the world cup , the all time great called Louis Van Gaal words not fit for me to print during Argentina’s match with Holland, but the powers looked the other way. No harm to anyone no foul. Dedmon conducted himself unsportingly you say? Try picturing a goalkeeper placing a trophy on his crotch for the TV world to see and being cheered for it. Yes , Dedmon let the Heat down when they were seriously short of personnel. But if other guys can get away with murder, who are we to judge?

Now to Savic and Ferran. Look Atletico Madrid are known to get under the opposition’s skin. They wouldn’t be called the Colchoneros if they weren’t. Their idea of a match is to get a player sent off or throw you off your game then take you to the cleaners. Kind of like street working class neighborhood basketball for money. So the easy way around Atleti? Don’t retaliate and focus on the W. It’s even worse that Ferran was on the winning team at that point and didn’t need to. The referee again was overbearing and harsh , and simply over refed the situation. No punches thrown , no blood, just passion and shirt pulling. NBA and La Liga referees(all referees for that matter) need to let some of these things fly, it’s a man’s (and strong woman’s) game. Passion makes sports exciting.