Even the most diehard San Francisco 49ers fan, would be pinching themselves right now. A tremendous run of form has seen them notch 5 consecutive victories going into their match with the NFC South leading Tampa. Top notch offense is the best defense. SF QB Brody Purdy outshone TB12 despite having just 153 yards to his name. My play of the week Purdy to McCaffery, the duo of the moment. Tell me this, how is it that Purdy gets so much time to make the decision? The answer ,14-0 SF on the third down and 5, the Buccaneers’ defensive tackle and ends tackle each other and get in each other’s way. Watch the middle of the scrimmage ,one Tampa tackle almost getting to Purdy before another tripping him from behind.

Coordination. Go sideways of your teammate you get there. That small window proved costly allowing the huge corner pass to McCaffery to make what looks on paper an easy TD. It is anything but. McCaffery has to keep in bounds paying close attention to the Safety number 26 Logan Ryan whose position wasn’t all that bad at all, only that the pass was way too good. His only mistake to step inward just as the pass is made. Football is a game of margins. Not only did they win this one the Niners, they blew away a very good side in Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are a good bet to go one better than the NFC Championship match of last season.