Now this is thinking on your feet. You got to love basketball. It’s a sport that tests your mind as well as fitness. Trae Young , the 2018 Rookie of the year and Atlanta Hawks main guy did the business against the Toronto Raptors Saturday Night. He had a game high 33 points and 12 assists including this assist to John Collins for my play of the week. Pretty poor reaction to the loose ball from the Raptors. I get it they were waiting to see what will happen , possibilities to steal the ball right under the bucket. Fair and fine. But check out number 3 Anunoby at the bottom of the screen. He is the crucial extra defensive player for Toronto(he could make or break the play), that extra two seconds of ball watching cost his team. He would have been at a better position to thwart the eventual Collins dunk than Thaddeus Young number 21(no relations whatsoever to Trae).This would not be Trae’s last contribution in the game. His last second alley-hoop to Griffin won the game for ATL. Good looking out Trae.