This was an opportunity to debunk a lot of myths about Africa. Everyone was anticipating failure, a crime ridden tournament, breakdown in transportation you name it. South Africa against all odds hosted the best tournament yet then in 2010. Shakira was also a good choice to sing a song about Africa. Her belly dance routine is inspired by African dance culture particularly the Rhumba genre. The song Waka Waka samples a song by Cameroonian group ,Golden Sounds who had a hit in the 1980s called Tsaminamina. Waka waka is about rising from defeat, dusting yourself off and go for the next big target. It features FreshlyGround, an award winning afropop group from South Africa known for their 2000s hit, Doo Be Doo. I love the video in that it includes everything African from the drums, dancing children(yes dance is big among African children from as young as 2 years old). Shakira needs very little intro,been singing on the LATIN SCENE since 1990 had a first English album in 2001, Laundry Service which includes popular hit “Whenever, wherever”. No mention of Gerard Pique please.