The choice of Ricky Martin to sing the official song for a French world cup was rather peculiar but it really is evidence of how mainstream Latin music had become in the late 90s. Marc Anthony , MY NUMBER ONE and Ricky Martin really exploded at that period with their up tempo hits and sexy dance moves. In La Copa De La Vida(loosely translating to the cup of life) is a song about going for goal. Ricky sing Allez plenty of times which is French for go which is not to overstate the obvious which is keep fighting. Why I love Ricky’s music? He incorporates the trumpets so well which fuses with that Caribbean beat which gives his song a huge party feel. The video is the best of the five I have featured. 1998 was a time when the last of the so called Generation X entered adulthood, so they wanted to sign off in style. The video aptly displays that. Ricky Martin started off his career in a boyband(think *Nsync and the Backstreet Boys, the Latin version thereof) called Menudo at a very young age and proved to be the most popular(Nick Carter and Justin Timberlake, lol excuse me I can’t help by compare). He began his solo career in 91 and released first English album in 99 which included the Colossal “Living La Vida Loca”.