Anastacia burst onto the music scene with her debut album, NOT THAT KIND in 1999 which includes the Mega hit “I’m outta love”. Like Macy Gray, Anastacia belonged to a class of singers with unconventional but soulful voices. The song Boom is about going after the top prize against all the obstacles that might hamper you. In other words, rise up high above it. The video, although not that great by modern standards, is pretty decent for early 2000s.The magic ball goes around the globe raising up the best soccer fans to a higher place(well I hope it’s soccer heaven lol) which is what the sport is all about , bringing the best fans together(peace loving fans no hooligans). I love that they featured Zidane putting Brazil to the sword in 98 as well as the iconic Pele goal from 70.Anastacia has conquered breast cancer twice among other illnesses since her childhood. That appears to have hampered her music career somewhat but I wish her all the best in her future.