In a curveball out of the blue, an Argentinian judge has ordered eight medical personnel at a hospice in Buenos Aires to stand trial for homicide in connection with soccer legend Diego Maradona’s death .Maradona died a year ago from cardiac arrest. Diego wasn’t short of controversy in his playing career and controversy has followed him to his grave. Now, the eight, who include doctors and nurses, are said to have “failed to take action that would have prevented” Maradona’s death. Today I want discuss the question that everyone is asking, was this homicide(culpable) and was it even the correct charge to put against the caregivers. The type of homicide that they have been charged with is negligent homicide, the prosecutors are alleging that the caregivers were in knowledge and connivance that their actions may lead to Diego’s death. Now it differs PREMEDITATED homicide which is planning well in advance to kill someone usually with a benefit or motive to the attacker such as revenge or monetary gain. Let me tell you this, when we go to hospital seeking treatment we put our lives and that of our loved ones in the hands of those doctors and nurses. If things go south , like in this case, in our grief it is natural to want to blame someone for it. For me this looks like a very emotional judgement at face value. Why I say so? Look at Diego’s history. He wasn’t exactly leading a healthy lifestyle. That topped by the fact that he had underwent cardiovascular surgery. The survival rates for the type of surgery that was done on Diego, to correct blood clot in brain, is a mere 15% after 3 months according to medical studies. So the caregivers have a strong defense here, like it or not.

The suit was brought about by Maradona’s two children who are saying they abandoned Diego to his death in the course of their duties. I would like to think one of them saw something when they visited the late legend in the hospital. The medical field is one of the most high pressure , high stress professions imaginable. It is my opinion they are the most underpaid and underappreciated workers comparative to what they go through. So some may lash out at patients but that is unprofessional and doesn’t excuse such behavior. In my opinion , if you don’t pay your doctors and nurses enough you risk them either not doing their job properly or administering faulty care on a patient. Take for example the death of Michael Jackson. MJ’s doctor Conrad Murray was convicted of manslaughter after causing his death from a lethal dose of anesthetic propofol without proper medical equipment. The fact that Jackson was a multi millionaire who was capable of giving him a healthy payday could have contributed to him taking such a monumental risk on his patient’s life. The Hippocratic Oath is often used as a battering ram against errant medical personnel, truth is some medical schools don’t even administer it anymore as the profession has changed so much in the past century in terms ethical conduct. It could be plausible that a patient really wants to die to alleviate his or her suffering, something called Euthanasia. In most places it is illegal(some doctors do the underground in such) although some countries have practice for example in central Europe and Colombia. So those are some of the angles and twists Diego’s death may have taken so plenty for the Argentinian courts to ponder over.