Javier Hernandez , former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker, has bared his soul in a recent interview about his life battles. He recently told Mexican media about his struggles with depression and fatherhood. He said that his ex wife, blogger Sarah Kohan, hasn’t let him see his two children for more than a year. Today I want to talk about parenthood and parent rights. Is it possible to have one parent better than another despite all the challenges a marriage may face? I can tell you this, as a parent you want the best for your children no matter the station in life. The only exceptions allowed by law is neglect and abuse by one party in the marriage. Now, Sarah is alleging that Chicharito doesn’t include the kids in his life so in effect he has excluded themselves from their lives. I know that social media is now a thing among parents these days, showcasing home life online. There is nothing wrong with that as long as both parents are comfortable. So it is hard to see if the accusations on Javier have merit. Let’s be frank here, living with a person suffering from depression is hell. Mood swings , constant arguing make a divorce very likely especially in this case. It will eventually come down to if Javier is a danger to the children of which I really doubt.

The fact that Sarah went to her native Australia with Javier’s blessing for Christmas hurts him more than he knows because he is tacitly saying that he believes she can take care of the children better. Have you ever wondered why women are always favored in custody battles? The law throughout the ages assumed maternal instincts trump for paternal ones because they are the “fairer” sex after all. But that is changing dads are actually being seen as good care givers too. So it is not just one aspect that is considered when granting custody. One who is able to provide ALL needs is most likely to be granted custody that includes both emotional and financial. Javier seems to have the upper hand on the financial side the emotional is up in the air. Lastly, coming from a severe Covid pandemic the past two years, the cases of depression inevitably rose. I believe the death of his soccer legend grandfather along with that had a part to play in Javier’s depression. Men who show their feelings can be deemed weak by some, so it is hard on the male species. So Javier deserves credit for showing he is human especially in a male dominated sport such as soccer. Did Sarah Kohan exercise patience or seek counselling when he was at his most vulnerable? I don’t know only they do. For now what is best is for the children and a messy battle isn’t what’s best.