Recent story that caught my attention in the Netherlands. A player by the name of Jody Lukoki from the Democratic Republic of Congo was killed last week at a family gathering in the city of Almere. The circumstances leading to his demise are just as bizarre as the actual cause of death itself. Reports say that Jody was at a family gathering and it somehow turned into a beat down by multiple family members on Lukoki. Lukoki began complaining about a headache and pain on his knee and was hospitalized. By the end of Monday last week, Jody was lying dead with an amputated leg after suffering cardiac arrest. The resultant coma from the arrest. Dutch police suspect foul play and is conducting an investigation with fingers pointing at Jody’s family. Jody is a former Ajax and FC Twente player who were his last club. Let’s be clear here, violence doesn’t solve anything and this story is an unfortunate evidence of that. Whenever you undertake to physically assault a person who you don’t know their medical history,you literally roll the dice as to life or death. I mean it, it may sound too much but that’s the honest truth. Lukoki had suffered a serious injury last year in July training with Twente and I bet every single one of the family members knew it. Knee injuries are one of the most prominent causes of heart failure including arthritis too stemming from what researchers say is blood vessel damage. So when they allegedly beat up Jody they may not have intended to kill him but they may well have caused it.

According to law there is a difference between causing someone to die and actually killing him. So that may cause the court to go lightly on the perpetrators. Then came the shocker. The Police alleged that there was oxygen depravation stemming from laughing gas exposure other wise known as nitrous oxide. This really throws the spanner in the works. Not only does it prove premeditation, it also shows that they wanted to make sure he was gone. Another sticking point is the motive. Well the police and investigators have to prove it and it will be an uphill task. It is just as a mystery to them as the cause of Jody’s death. Similarly to the Mason Greenwood case, Jody was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend earlier this year. The speculator in me may be tempted to connect the dots and link it to this case. Could this have been a revenge thing for past indiscretions? Who knows. Now we know why the world came down hard on Will Smith for hitting Chris Rock. For one, Chris could well have been ill when he was struck and could well have collapsed and died on the spot. What’s important to note is always give dialogue a chance in disputes no matter how grave they are. Not only was a life cut short here, the lives of the family members who carried out the assault is all but over too.