Paris Nice is one of the premier races in the cycling calendar outside the big three. It is one of the oldest races on Tour having began in the early 1930s. This year the race started on Sunday with a finish in neither Paris or Nice but at Mantes-la-Ville. A round course of 160km which was flat with just 2 climbs, neither a sprinters or a offensive riders’ paradise. The bunched peloton was pretty much intact going into the last 60km or so. When we say crosswinds are a problem we mean that the wind can sway you side ways into another rider or outside the road losing precious seconds. Thus your bike has to be ready. How does it get ready? Make sure your wheels are not disc wheels or have few spokes. Jumbo Visma had a day to remember clean sweeping the podium. They took advantage of fractured teams in the peloton in the final 15 km. Frenchman Christophe Laporte finishing first ahead of Primoz Roglic and Wout Van Aert of Belgium. With no challengers they could afford to make the final 5km a competition within the team. A nice touch from Primoz the team leader who let Christophe finish first. This race showed the importance of riding as a team, this is called drafting. This is sitting on the wheel of your teammate to reduce the force of wind drag. The sprint riders do their thing trying to make the other competitors chase them, tiring them in the process. That is what makes a great team.