This was a week of surprise results in the NFL Divisional playoffs. The reigning super bowl champs, Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay biting the dust in the NFC Divisional match against the LA Rams. The fancied Tennessee Titans losing to the Bengals as well. The biggest result was for San Francisco dumping out number one seed Green Bay in a hotly contested tight match which went down to a walk off field goal in the last 4 seconds. 13-10 was the final result but the ground work was laid in the fourth quarter in a blisteringly cold night in Wisconsin. Trailing 10-3 with 04:50 left on the clock, penalties reduced the Packers to 4th down and 19. As per usual the punt was coming and it wasn’t the best let’s just say so . Watch the clip. the Packers punter Cory Borjoquez takes an extra stride unnecessarily before kicking the ball. Here is where I give credit to the 49ers, the switched on defensive end Jordan Willis number 94 saw the opportunity to close down. Number 29 Hufanga to pick the pieces with the return to score an easy TD with convoy in tow. That split second step cost Cory , Rodgers and Co a place in the NFC Finals. Great play by Willis