No disputing the Grizzlies have been the most improved team in the NBA this season. It is no fluke that they are 4th in the West above Dallas, Lakers and Clippers. They are solid both in the road and at home. They face Portland who has had an injury hit season and welcome back Damian Lillard who was out with an abdominal injury. Blazers 11-17 with an awful record on the road at 1-11. No Ja Morant for Memphis. Who will step up? Desmond Bane. Great start and first Q for Portland though nailing impressive 3s but they started getting careless with the ball. Anderson with the interception for Memphis at 16-16. Why try to pass with opponent in close proximity though? Grizzlies ending the quarter the stronger.

Damian is a great passer, watch as Portland take advantage of a rare lapse by the Grizzlies at 36-23 Memphis. A late rally by the Blazers in Q2 pulled the lead by Memphis to single digits, impressive 3s from Simmons and Lillard. If you needed encouragement for Q3 if you are a Blazer, check out the pass at 55-44 for the bucket and foul. Great start to Q3 it was, pulling scores to within one. Damian finding himself free at 55-52 ,great defense initially, grizzlies slow to occupy the arch.

Best play of the match by far was at 59-56 Grizzlies. Memphis puttibf the squeeze on Portland to run down the shot clock. Lillard under pressure and off balance sinking the 3. Blazers shooting more FGs than Memphis as they turn game around heading into Q4 82-80 up. Bane was huge in that Q for the Grizzlies eventually getting 23 points for the match. Turning point Bane nailing the down towner st 83-80 to silence the bouncing crowd. From there his team sank successive 3s to pull clear. Watch the deep one from Brooks at 91-82 Grizzlies. They eventually ran away comfortable winners to continue their impressive with their win loss standing at 18-11.