9-3 Tampa Bay taking on 7-5 Bills. Frenetic start to the match. Check out the four man blitz on Josh Allen, the Bills’ QB, a statement of intent from the Bucs. Fournette was great for Tampa on receiving with 113 yards including the first TD of the game which was a 47 yard catch me if you can. Allen finding his range in Q2. He would make a commendable 308 yards for the game. Watch his pass at 10-0 Bucs 11:50 , another chance not taken by the Bills at 10-0 09:28. Watch the safeties go man for man to snuff out the danger forcing the incompletion. Two more TDs for the Bucs to take a 24-3 lead. Brady to Evans the pick of them. Before we go to second half watch out for the pick on Allen by Sherman.

Big role reversal for second half. Bills a different animal. Check out Allen go all the way for the first Bills TD of the game at 24-3 07:40. Like that Bills’s receivers starting to find gaps between the linebackers. Q4 was huge for the Bills. Bucs decision making wasn’t up to scratch for me. I pick this play at 24-10 Bucs 11:23, 4th and 2. With only two yards to make and ahead I. The game it was worth it to go for it but they opted for the field goal. That for me was the turning point ax two TDs from Buffalo forced OT. Brady’s incomplete stats off the charts in Q4. Watch Davis lose his tackler at 27-17 04:53 as the Bills went within 3. At the 2nd down and goal, defense should normally have 2 Safeties in the EZ but they inexplicably left one. Bills finishing strongly in normal time to send us to the extra period. Brady has that moment of brilliance in him and he delivered in spades. A 58 yard TD pass to Perriman for the walk off victory rounding off a great game of football. Bucs still unbeaten at the Raymond James at 6-0.