Just what exactly is going on with the Lakers. They continue to produce inconsistent results despite having one of the best line ups in the league. Its not a consolation but they are in good company with regards to an inconsistent start to the regular season. The Nets also lost again for a third time already at the hands of the red hot Miami Heat. Basketball in truth isn’t about getting the best individuals to form a team but to get the best team then mold them into great individuals. Career best figures by Aussie Josh Giddey with 18 points, 10 assists and 2 rebounds were the catalyst for the comeback win by Oklahoma City. Russ Westbrook, who has slowly gained form for the Lakers, was the best Laker with a unique quadruple double 20 points,14 rebounds and 13 assists. More on him at the end. What a first quarter from the Lakers, they seemingly were pulling decisively racing to a 41-19 lead. Check out 35-16 Lakers. Russ was the main man in the absence of LeBron and he showed King James like leadership, not selfish playing with teammates, passing to the Austin Reeves who could make the 3 but still at least he made it count.

They however missed James’s shooting ability. The Thunder’s key to victory was their 3 point shooting which was at 40% to the Lakers’ 31%. They began to dominate the paint with plays like this one, Giddey’s visionary pass to Kenrich Williams 2 minutes into the clip above. Points wise Anthony Davis was the best with 30 points, he made sure both sides at the end of the match were equal from the paint with plays like 67-44. As the Thunder chipped away at the Lakers’ lead, Shai Alexander(27 points) came to the party for Oklahoma.

Now to Russ. In a particular moment at the end of the match he got upset at Thunder’s Darius Bazley who opted to go for the dunk in a NOT SO MUCH game altering moment. Fine going off at teammates or opponents is a sign of passion for victory but the final score of 123-115 shows even a three wouldn’t have made much difference so chill Russ. Allow the young man to show off its his right if he has possession of the ball. Sportsmanship is getting too much in the way of competitiveness in my opinion.