Tom Brady inspiring Tampa Bay at Lincoln Financial Field Stadium. This one of the sixth round of matches in the regular season. Brady threw 297 yards and had 34 caught throws out of 42. That is a rate of 80% more than the benchmark of a half. So yes Tom is still that good. Check out the first TD for Howard. Brady not only as a knack for the deep pass into the EZ he is patient to wait for the open player. The first half certainly was all TB with the Eagles’s last quarter certainly their best. Their quarter back J.Hurts had 115 yards which didn’t make 200 and only had a poor 12/26 on throws.

They however were better defensively in that second half spearheaded by Alex Singleton with 8 tackles and 7 assists. Their best TD play was at 28-7 with Hurts himself going alone all the way to the EZ. So it wasn’t all bad for Jalen. Here he sees a crack in the defense with the Buccaneers concentrating on stopping receivers such as Watkins(44 yards ran). Watkins’s figures were dwarfed by Tampa Bay’s 93 yards and 9 received passes. There is no need to point out where Philadelphia needs to improve for their next game.Eagles remain third in the NFC East division whilst the Bucs top NFC South with an impressive start of 5 wins in 6.