My fears are being realized here. One of the NBA’s most talented players is now on ice because of some rule that in all sense and purposes is against the constitution. Irving’s team the Brooklyn Nets by virtue of them being based in New York falls under the city’s health protocols. Those protocols dictate that all sports teams can only play once all their staff and players are vaccinated. Kyrie opted not to be vaccinated for personal reasons which he explained in detail without any disrespect to the authorities or his team. What is flabbergasting me the most here is the Nets’s treatment of Irving. I mean what does it mean for them coming out in the open and criticizing him in such a very public manner. This doesn’t sit well with me given the service that Kyrie has given to American Basketball for a decade now.

The statement reads as follows and note that some words may have been removed. “Irving is not allowed to participate with the team, citing a desire to build chemistry and “remain true to our long-established values of togetherness and sacrifice” ,Irving “will not play or practice with the team until he is eligible to be a full participant. Here is where I have an issue with the Nets. When they say they have values of togetherness yet they are sidelining someone because of their beliefs it smacks of hypocrisy. By not allowing him to train under their brand effectively kills off his careers and sponsors. The very least the Nets could have done was to let him train on his own and play the road games. They might as well have just fired him.

Interesting to note that one player has changed his mind about the vaccine though. Golden State guard Andrew Wiggins had his religious exemption application dismissed by the NBA, only to get the jab anyway. This goes to show that if you make a man choose between his livelihood and his beliefs he is bound to go for his livelihood. If that is what they want I am beginning to think what Candace Owens describes as “tyranny” is actually happening in that country. People need to be taught of the benefits of the vaccine not having it forced on them. Such negative reinforcement(taking away a guy’s job) will only inspire further rebellion and everyone ends up the loser(the fans, the NBA, the player and the team). I am glad though Kyrie hasn’t given up entirely on his career. Who knows things might change or he could play abroad?