Maria with one title to her name certainly is due a WTA500 title, her skills demand it. Annett Kontaveit storming into the final in Ostrava on the back of a impressive service display against Czech Republic’s Kvitova in the semis. Anett even bagel-ed the number two seed in the opening set. The Estonian didn’t disappoint here, she served at a match winning 76% on first serve. Sakkari’s movement across the court was ever impressive, check out 4-1(40-40). Anett’s monster shot mix got us to the point here whereby Maria had her back to the wall. Great defensive shots from Anett to push the rally on but the net play from Sakkari impressive. This set her up for an important hold here although pretty much an uphill task from there. Anett has an interesting forehand motion, check out set point 5-2(40-30). She extends her arm with the racquet face wide open getting over the ball. The ball’s trajectory is straight with no spin meaning it lands well away from Maria. Only player I have seen play the forehand shot without going through the ball.

No breaks of serve for Sakkari in this one which will disappoint her given the week she had. One plus for her in this one was that she won more points on Anett’s second serve(0 percent for the Estonian to 38%). It was just that Anett never gave a lot of second serve chances in this match. Turning point of the second set, the twelfth game. Both players pushing towards a tie break, trading some great ground stroke winners along the way. Check out 6-5 (0-40), Maria immediately on the back foot because she had to play a slower second serve under pressure. I think Maria should have challenged the forehand by Anett which seemed to be long from my vantage point. Maybe she had run out of challenges? Now watch the forehand down the line which effectively killed the point in favor of Anett. Brave shot where most players would have gone cross court and be safe being love 40 ahead. It’s the third career Tour title for the Estonian. Maria still looking for her first WTA500 title.