The penalty shootout was really a mixed bag of horrendous and sublime kicks. At the end Meslier got the plaudits for the match winning save although it wasn’t a bad kick at all,only that the Leeds keeper guesses the correct side. Another thing I noticed is that almost every shootout someone always aims for the middle of the goal. Does it mean you have to stand right dead at the middle of you are a keeper to have the maximum chance at saving pens?

Do not think so. If a keeper saves one by standing center it will almost certainly mean the other kicks won’t be directed on that part of the goal. Psychologists call it confirmation bias, favoring an action based on past occurrence and beliefs. Lastly check out the free kick save by the Leeds keeper in normal time.The tendency is to blame the wall when a free kick goes in, which is bad for team work. The keeper taking the initiative and covering the part of goal which was meant to be covered by the wall. The goalkeeper is responsible for set pieces whether the wall does its job or not. Lesson for the young up and coming keepers.