Ronaldo has become international soccer’s most prolific scorer after his double sank Ireland on Wednesday. He needed one goal to surpass Iran’s Ali Daei’ tally of 109 goals but in typical Ronaldo showmanship he added one more for good measure. Despite his nemesis Messi stealing the show with his debut for PSG at the weekend, there was no way CR7 could have let a week end just like that. Ronaldo’s metamorphosis from being just another dribbling winger to an out and out goal machine has been nothing short of remarkable. No doubt credit has to go to Manchester United in particular Sir Alex for coaching him into the game’s all time greats. It is befitting he returned to this club in the just closed window .Ireland has been a team on a downward trajectory performance wise in recent years but credit is due to them they made a match out of this one. Coach Stephen Kenny is on the right track with this side and has made them tough to break down defensive. Check out the defending by Ireland two minutes after half time, putting your wellbeing on the line for the team that’s what I want to see. John Egan putting the Irish in front on the stroke of half time and few can say they didn’t deserve it.

On 58 minutes I thought that was a penalty, the foul by Ruben Dias on Connolly. I reviewed it again and again and I have seen no reason not to award the pen, Dias was on the wrong side of goal and just budged into the Irishmen no chance of Dias getting to the ball. Portugal’s weren’t short of goal attempts but until Ronaldo’s two strikes they had only 6 on target out of 25. Irish resistance broken with a minute of the match to go. Two trademark leaps from Ronaldo followed by a header with power and accuracy and they headed to Dublin painfully empty handed. Portugal are odds on for Qatar, topping Group A with 10 points from 4, three points ahead of Serbia with 7 points from 3.