A masterful defensive display from the Blues after going a man down just before half time. Maybe it was the rare ineptitude of the Reds attack that helped them 🤔?I must say have never seen Liverpool’s front three struggle as much as they did in that second half in a long time. Chelsea’s display showing the likes of Arsenal how it is done with 10 men. The red card for Reece James was farcical. Look, I do not have an issue with the penalty in itself. The ref’s interpretation that Reece prevented a goal from being scored is well within reason and the annals of the law.

What really gets me going is the fact that he viewed it as a sending off offense. A guy who intentionally wants to remove a ball from the line with his arm will not lead with his thigh first. He will do a Suarez VS Ghana World Cup 2010, swipe it away full on. Anyway special mention goes to Harvey Elliott who put it the best midfield performance for Liverpool, I predict he is going to have an impact this season. Christiansen and Thiago Silva with an assured defensive display for Chelsea. Lukaku did his job well leading the attack especially in the second half, his hold up play was top notch providing relief at times to the beligured back four. Last thing on Liverpool. When it became apparent with 10 minutes to go that his side was struggling to break down Chelsea, Klopp didn’t have the big striker there to cause aerial trouble for Chelsea’s backline. Jota,Salah and Mane are not the best in that respect. I call it the Jose Mourinho way and it sometimes works when you struggling to score.