But UFC cannot be serious. Why the interim heavyweight championship though? As you know there already is a heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. It is said UFC wanted Francis back for this event at UFC 265 in Houston but Francis’s team said he wasn’t ready. The ever so impatient UFC decided to makes this the “title bout”. Wow that’s how much value they put on the thing and their fighters welfare. Incredible isn’t it. Back to this fight, talk about agile heavyweights here lighting up the Toyota center. Picking up the bout in the 3rd and what proved to be the final round.

Lewis is backing off Cyril trying to avoid the kicks but here is the thing there is no greater defense than a serious offense, Derrick fails to realize it. The Frenchman Gane knew that punches by Derrick can be powerful so he moves around the octagon a lot in the opening stages of the round. Now freeze clip at 1 minute 56 to go in the round. Derrick makes a humongous mistake, breaks the cardinal rule always protect yourself, arms to the side of his body, a big bullseye for Gane. The left by Cyril got the crowd excited and set in motion the end game but credit to Lewis who grapples and punches out of danger momentarily. Funny as this might sound, I think the stars were aligned in favor of Lewis to survive this round with the mouthpiece drop giving him some respite. Gane would have none of it, by the Derrick had abandoned all defenses and it was just a matter of time.