The cycling discipline moved to the indoor track at Tokyo 2020. On Monday yesterday was the team pursuit discipline. What is team pursuit discipline and how does it do from the individual one? Well the team pursuit starts with two teams on the opposite ends of the track. A team will pursue the other team with the team that posts the fastest time winning. This usually will be the final of the event. The qualifiers of the event involves one team alone on the track setting its own time. Each team will have four riders, each following each other closely. Since the front rather works the hardest, he sometimes peels off the line to rejoin it at the rear to make some poor sucker do all the work.

Australia would be disappointed with their performance in this even when their rider Alex Porter’s handle bars came flying off all over the show. This happened in the qualifying Heats. The good news was he was at the back of the group so no harm was done to his teammates O’Brien,Welsford and Howard. Now the immediate knee jerk reaction is to blame the manufacturer of the bike which for professional reasons I wi not mention. Quality control in manufacturing can never be perfect. There is always that one in a 100 black swan that slips the the quality control cracks and the swan happened to land in the hands of team Australia. Quite unlucky hey.

Anyway Australia are still in contention for the Bronze which is at least a consolation. Team Denmark beat Team GB ‘s record in the team pursuit in a feel good moment. As we know GB doesn’t lose quietly at times. Denmark are being accused of wearing identical shin tape on their legs.🙅 Let me get out of hell out of here before I say something.