Three events in one makes THIS ONE A MUST WATCH at Tokyo 2020.You need to be a strong endurance wise to conquer all three of Swimming , cycling and running in one race. This Olympics race consisted of 1.5km of swimming in the bay, running 10 km and cycling 40km and not in that order. Running came last and Flora Duffy dominated that stage of the race to win Gold for Bermuda for the first time ever. Mother nature was not cooperating at the start of the race, a storm coupled with strong winds ripped Tokyo Bay just before the start of the race delaying the start by about 20 minutes. The swimming part would be tricky under these conditions. How do you prepare to swim here? One must have the right swim gear that allows the minimum amount of heat to escape. Warming up is vital before the swim to get the body temperature to the optimum. Lastly not forgetting breathing exercises, regulating breathing is vital.

The cycling part was also tricky in that the surface was slippery , one had to find a speed and maintain it .Duffy did that closing down the leaders after the swim part, Learmouth of Great Britain and her compatriot Taylor-Brown. The later would finish with Silver and USA’s Zaferes with Bronze. As in Formula one at the pit stop, the change over between events during the race is vital, so much time can be lost if a athlete is slow. The fact that running comes after all the other stages are finished makes sprints almost impossible to happen in triathlons. Practicing should entail more cardio EXERCISES designed for marathons.