Not everyday that one fighter comes out of retirement to send another there. Miesha Tate made her comeback after a five year absence from the Octagon to win impressively by TKO. Now Tate is very much a submission specialist as evidenced by her take down stats, three take downs out of six which made it difficult for a punch-kick specialist like Marion to navigate the bout. However was impressed with Marion’s flexibility, check out the first round. Tate tentative in the early part (rightly so, when I haven’t been in the sport for a while I would be cautious too), Marion landing pretty punch combinations. When Tate had her on the mat, she defended well. In the second round, Tate figured Marion was there for the taking and went straight for the takedown almost from the start of it. However Miesha had one thing working against her, her height and reach making it difficult for her to get some king of leverage on the take down attempts. Watch with 3 minutes on the clock Miesha struggling to get Marion off her feet. Again the defense by Reneau was superb.

Now on to the third round, Tate going straight for the takedown. This time Miesha had the legs in a tangle no where for Marion to go. The repeated punches forcing the ref to end this one for Reneau’s safety. A good showing from both fighters with strike rates well over 50%. Marion can retire with a smiling face.