Just 3 years ago , Novak Djokovic was 6 Grand Slams behind Roger Federer on the all time list. On Sunday he proved critics and doubters wrong in capturing his 20th major of his almost certain Hall of Fame career. On the Tour he is known as a great hard court player but this season he has shocked the tennis world by winning all three slams this year across the spectra of surfaces. Bet against him winning the calendar slam at your own loss. Check out first set of his final against first time finalist Berrettini at 5-5 first point. Part of what makes him good on grass is the sixth sense he has of knowing where an opponent hits the shot which is part of his famed defense. He just stood at the net and watched the Italian play it straight at him at the net. Such instinct cannot be coached but should be developed especially as a junior player. Berrettini was huge in that tie break. Great serve of 140km plus to win the breaker. He dished out 16 Aces all in all Matteo, but its the rallies that let him down in this match.

Its that net play instinct again. Check out 0-0 adv Djokovic. Early break by Novak to calm any nerves he might have had. Double break up at 5-1(40-0 Berrettini), some entertainment for the crowd. Some between the legs shots from both(eat your heart out Krygios). But entertaining the crowd doesn’t win you a major tournament such as Wimbledon. Novak wrapping up the set 6-4, gallant effort from Matteo to get to a break away from tying the set. It is amazing how Novak gets the serve bang on the corner of the opponent’s service box almost half the time. Check out 2-1 third set(deuce). With Novak looking to confirm the break under pressure he nails the serve bang on the corner setting the tone for the rally .Notice how the second and third set ended with an unforced error by Matteo. Inexperience maybe at this level?

On to the fourth set which ended up being the last. Shot of the match first game 15-15 . Risky shot, the down the line forehand.Novak had that part of the net covered but it paid off handsomely. Followed by the second best point of the match 3-2(30-15 Matteo). Berrettini will be gutted to lose that point, he played an almost unreturnable forehand cross court but you can never be sure of a point as far as Novak is concerned even in control. Novak would break in the seventh game with more great net play, his tactic was to keep the rally alive long enough for Matteo to play a short return to capitalize on at the net. Great effort from Matteo to reach this final on grass(Italians are known to be great on the dirt that is clay). Novak making a case to be called the GOAT of men’s tennis.