Sam Querrey of the USA making it to the last 4 in Mallorca with a win over Roberto on Thursday. Sam’s game has always been suited to grass. He is a shotgun type of tennis player, booming serve with a follow through volley usually. You know the 1-2-3 player. But in this match he surprised me with playing well during rallies. Watch first set 1-0(30-30) with Sam up in the set. The back hand cross court angled shot was using the weaker arm as leverage spot on. Sam was a service machine. He shot 25 Aces in the two sets. This means an average of an Ace per game if he were to serve in each and every game that was played. Astonishing stuff. Such high tolerance for risk is not without its drawbacks, he committed the highest double faults of the two with 6. The all important break of serve, the only one of the match by the way, came in the seventh game at 4-3 on deuce. Roberto’s lack of bravery to go on the front foot in the rally punished by Sam. Just look at the forehand right after the Sam return from the serve, so meek, very meek.

Second set went on serve and all the way to the breaker but not without a great highlight reel. Watch 3-3(40-15). Sam had great net play in this set. He lost this point to an equally great defense by Roberto. Sam had the chance to win the break here with that forehand at the end which he botched. Ever the sportsman he didn’t want to hurt Roberto by going full throttle right at him but hey every good turn deserves another, He eventually got the win. What a forehand volley from Roberto, the best of the tournament by far. Roberto missing the chance to win the set at 6-5(40-30), an infuriating unforced error. Roberto’s forehand(his best asset) coming to the fore at 5-2 in the breaker. But there was no denying Sam the win 7-4 in the breaker, the exclamation point Ace, unstoppable.