Thiem had to exit this one with injury after a forehand at 5-2(15-0) injured his right wrist at the Round of 16 stage. Dominic was playing his first grass court tournament and match of the season against the unseeded Frenchman Mannarino. The Austrian had looked sharp and fresh probably benefitting from playing less matches having lost in the opening round at Roland Garros. Check out the backhand at 3-2(30-15). Whilst there was an element of good fortune in winning that point by Dominic, he put it in the right area to make his own luck with that backhand. One area that most tennis players neglect to work on in their training regime is the wrist. Indications are that Thiem suffered a wrist sprain which is the over-stretching of ligaments. One exercise I find helpful to prevent such injuries is the wrist and hand stretch.

What you do is the you extend the arm in a right angle to your body. Stretch out your hand with fingers together and holding that hand with the other. Point the fingers to the floor using the holding hand to push the fingers gently. Hold that position for a minute. You do the opposite, that is point the fingers upwards to the roof holding that position for a minute. Doing this everyday ensures at least you have stronger wrists for tennis, cricket or baseball pitching.

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