Brandon Moreno shocked the world and captured the UFC flyweight championship from Figueiredo with a submission victory. This feat coming after UFC actually released the Mexican some two years ago for poor results. This shows the power of tenacity. Not only was Brandon better than Deiveson on the mat but he outstriked the Brazilian as well to complete the route. Now let’s break down the play by play of the submission.Both fighters attempted the takedown at the same time. Deiveson was in a spot of bother when he couldn’t grab Brandon to attempt get his own takedown. The point of no return was when he was belly to back with Brandon and couldn’t adjust his feet in time. Watch the locking of arms from Brandon which was key to getting the submission. It took a hell of a lot out of Deiveson to break free from that lock such that he managed to break free the damage was done. All Heil the new King of The Flyweights.