Controversial finish to an otherwise great stage. The mountain stage got ugly on Friday when Rui Costa of UAE team Emirates appeared to had crossed over to the left to impede Kron the Dane who had looked to overtake Costa about 100 meters to the finish. Hermann Pernsteiner was dropped with about 6km to go having been on the top of the initial breakaway. Watch the footage and see Kron give the finger to Costa, priceless.Now watch the footage again of the final sprint. I do not see anywhere were Costa looks over his shoulder to see where Kron is. For me it was an involuntary unintentional thing his did. The organizers I am sorry bowed down to pressure here. Kron could well have gone down the left if he really had the will to finish first as Costa had left a gap down that side. All in all the shorter 130km race in Fiesch – Disentis – Sedrun was awesome.