An eventful Sunday at Roland Garros. When Serena deserves credit for not bitching about injury and getting on with it. Elena clearly the better player, she took the best chances which came her way in a big way. Watch 5-3(30-15). Sometimes strapping your thigh gives your opponent a big target hey. Elena made Serena move more by finding the corners particularly with her forehand. Check out again the clip the set point Elena converted to take the first set. A fit Serena would have seized the chance presented there when Elena played the forehand at the net straight at the American. Serena battled on in the second set and her best point came in the ninth game at 4-4(15-0 Rybakina). Serena’s first serve rarely reached the heights its capable of getting in this tournament. But on this point she showed what its capable of. Because she started with a solid serve she was always in control of the rally and patented backhand to finish was unplayable.

Serena’s unforced error count in this one was way too high probably the reason she lost this one.19 unforced errors in total. She can have no complaints and now looking at Wimbledon where she usually is good as her chance to finally catch Margaret Court’s haul of 24 majors.

Roger Federer decided to withdraw from this year’s French Open heading into his match with Italian Matteo Berrettini. Roger has had a number of surgeries on his knee and the reason coming from his camp is that he wants to preserve his body for future tournaments. Now, let us read between the lines here. Is Roger saying he doesn’t have a chance at winning this one because of injury or because he knows he can’t beat Rafa? Is he saying that at Wimbledon he will try to equal Rafa’s 21 Grand slams(Say I said it Rafa gonna make it 21) at his favorite grand slam Wimbledon?Some will say he is nearing 40 years of age and his body cannot take a full calendar Grand Slam season but why would you enter the tournament in the first place when you know you aint gonna finish it? Isn’t it short changing your fans a bit there? I may be harsh on Roger but I got to say it this is not the RIGHT DECISION sporting wise. When you enter the tournament and you not injured finish the damn thing period.