At 212 km the Giro just got serious now. The best strategy for a rider who wants it the most was to enter the Passo Della Calla portion of the stage in the leading peloton and attack its descent. The race was barely an hour when Alessandro De Marchi crashed and exited the Giro for this year, hospitalized due to fractures on collarbone and ribs. He joined Marc Soler(Movistar) who abandoned the race due to a back injury. Andrea Vendrame attacked the final descent but tired a little to allow George Bennett into the equation. Gianluca Brambilla joined to make it a three man dash to the finish. Chris Hamilton of Australia came out of nowhere to eventually give Andrea a run for his money. Look, a little gamesmanship doesn’t kill does it. Watch the final few meters pitting Chris and Andrea, how Vendrame made sure to be right in front of Chris making sure to block any attempt to overtake him at the death.

Brambilla had finished third but was relegated to fourth after taking his gamesmanship a little too far. He wildly veered in front of Chris Bennett posing a risk to both riders toward the finish. He complained about Bennett not helping in the chase in later comments. The race judges were not having any of it. Egan Bernal still leads the general classification followed by Aleksandr Vlasov of Russia some 45 seconds behind.