This UFC Fight Night Main event in Las Vegas was between two light heavyweight competitors Dom Reyes from the USA and Jiri Prochazka from Czech Republic.Jiri knocked out Reyesin the second round .Impressive Helluva kicking by Jiri good particularly to the midriff of Reyes in Round 1. Reyes was visibly shaken at the start of round 2 after ending the first pretty badly allowing Jiri to land a series of right hands to his face. When Dom went for the front guillotine submission I said to myself that’s a smart fighter right there. He knows he is being outclassed on his feet so why not take it down a notch and go for the submission. Reyes made the mistake of being tight on the neck during the hold allowing Jiri to slip away from it and the rest should we say was history. Blame it on moisture from perspiration? You be the judge.