She is world number one and the come back queen of tennis. Solid service games characterized the opening six games of the first set with Belarus’s Sabalenka drawing first blood in the seventh. Barty first one to choke under pressure. Sabalenka taking the first set 6-3. We are all wondering what in the hell happened to the fifth seed in the second set. Barty was ending points far too quickly I bet for the Sabalenka camp’s liking. Watch Barty up 2-0(40-15). The point ending with two strokes of the racquet by the Aussie, Aryana’s forehand return far too short. Sabalenka could provide no answer to the placement on the forehands made by Ash. Aryana was playing like a player injured of which she was not, static and lacking passion. Barty putting her out of her misery to love in the second.

My jaw is still on the floor following this point. Watch third set 1-1 in the third set scores at 15-15. Psychologically as a player after suffering a loss of a set to love you have to quickly forget about it and move the hell on of which Sabalenka did not clearly.The Belarussian in control of the point having the Aussie reeling right from the off. Aryana was left to finish off the easy point at the net, no nonsense was needed just forehand the ball deep into court for the easy winner. But no, she had to be fancy, a drop shot which was read easily by Ash and point going abegging. Barty was 3-0 up in no time and no way back for Sabalenka. When Sabalenka got a sniff of a chance to break back Barty blew her out of the water. Watch 4-2 adv Sabalenka on deuce. Here the serve by Barty was not all that great but the return by Aryana was awful. Barty winning the match for a loss of just 6 games over three sets. A real stinker from Sabalenka and will do well to forget this one in a hurry.