Whether you are a boxer, kickboxer, mixed martial artist,you feed off the reaction of the crowd to get pumped up during bouts so having fans back in the arena was awesome. No one is better at defending and dishing out takedowns than Kamaru Usman.

The Nigerian using every single kilo of his welterweight and shorter height to create that low center of gravity. Jorge showing he cannot and will not be bullied landing a decent combination late in the first round. Just watch the smile in Jorge’s face at the start of the second round. He lands a decent kick to Usman’s thigh and gets cocky thinking he has the Nigerian nightmare’s number.

Then click click boom, a right lands on Masvidal’s left jaw. Game over.Watch closely the first round. There were warning signs for Jorge particularly with 3:30 of the round to go and about a minute to go as well. Kamaru landing similar rights twice but they were not enough to knock out Masvidal. Jorge failed to heed the warnings.