17 March 2012 is a day that will live in the minds of a lot of fans particularly of Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton wanderers. On this day Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed in the old White Hart Lane Stadium with his body showing no movement on the turf. 23 March 2021, Moussa Ndembele of France collapsed at his team Atletico De Madrid’s training ground under no challenge from any of his teammates.26 June 2003, a LION roared its last at the Stade Gerland in Lyon. More on that later.

Moussa Dembele fainted due to low blood pressure. His case was not a serious one as his vitals were confirmed to be normal by the Atleti medical team.If you are in a situation were someone has fainted, these are the signs to look out for ,eyes rolled to the back of the head, skin changing color to blue(signaling oxygen deprivation to body tissue) ,no chest movement(This is important always have your eyes on the patient’s chest). If the victim is not breathing first thing to do is to lie the victim on his or her back,legs apart, with the head pushed out back to clear the airways. Make sure to remove all obstructing objects. Check the pulse if no pulse you have to start was is known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR or KISS OF LIFE(There aint no french kissing here this is life or death). Now lets go into detail with CPR.

This is chest compressions coupled with big breaths into the victims mouth. If you have a First Aid Kit, you might have a pacifier looking ensemble in there called a mouth guard. You can use that to put it on the victim’s mouth to avoid contact with your own, important during this pandemic don’t you think? You place one hand on top of the other placing both on the middle of the chest. Use all your body weight to administer the compression which should be 1.8 centimeters deep at a rate of 100 compressions per minute, giving two breaths to the victim after every 30.Did you shout someone call 911 or emergency numbers during all this mess? If so I will buy you a round of beer at our next barbecue, WAY TO GO. You continue until the victim is now breathing normal or emergency services arrive. If he or she starts breathing normally, place them in what is known as the recovery position as illustrated below in picture.

Recovery Position

Fabrice Muamba is still with us today thank God. He suffered a cardiac arrest(heart attack) and was pretty fortunate that he played in a country(England) with one of the most advanced medical industries in the world. An AED(Automated External Defribrillator) was present in the stadium. It is a device that sends electric shock to the heart to stimulate its beating again. It can be used to analyze heart rhythm as well. If you are in the position of having a heart attack victim on your hands, call for emergency services ASAP. There are a bit of controversial issues with application of CPR to a cardiac arrest victim. Some medical schools of thought say although it does not help the heart to beat again , it is better than not doing it at all so I will let you be the judge of that one. Another method called the precordial thump(effectively a punch administered to the chest of a victim) is said to be able to restore normal heart function but some researchers say it is not THE OPTIMUM method. Again you judge yourself.

Lastly, the LION I was referring to in the opening chapter is non other than former Manchester City defensive midfielder the late Marc-Vivian Foe of Cameroon. He collapsed during a Confederations Cup match in France between the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon and Colombia. This of course was the time when the Cup was not used as a curtain raiser for the World Cup the following year. During the match Marc-Viv collapsed in the middle of the park received mouth to mouth and was resuscitated and evacuated to hospital were he later died. He had a hereditary heart condition hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which increases the risk of sudden death during exercise. So if you are a sportsperson it is imperative that you go to the doctor and have your heart checked out. This condition is like a silent killer, the sooner its detected the better it can be managed.