Former US Open Champ Juan Martin will have to undergo knee surgery for the fourth time in his career. The Argentine who has been out of action for almost two years hurt his knee cap in Queens London in 2019. This represents his eight surgery overall and one has to wonder how more of this his body can take. He is hoping to be back in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. A fractured knee cap CAN OCCUR IN TENNIS. For one thing the fact that players dive for the ball in the act of making a volley at the net or just plain slipping.

If you fall and you have swelling and pain on the knee cap go to the emergency room ASAP. Unfortunately surgery is the only option for Juan Martin. The silver lining in all of this is that he has not missed much owing to the lock down which put tennis on ice for much of 2020.Knee cap surgery involves putting the knee cap back into place using wires screws and pins. An interesting thing about the patella,scientific name for knee cap, is that you do not need it to walk at all. But it makes leg movement that much easier. So Juan Martin WILL definitely be back on the court in my honest opinion.

Patella not to be confused with Patellar(the tendon)