The Gronk was on fire at the Super Bowl to lead Tampa Bay to the holy grail. Whilst much has been said about Tom Brady winning his 7th ring,his figures of 21 successful throws for 29 attempts shows that the G.O.A.T had a great match,Rob Gronkowski for me was the man.His figures of 67 yards ran from 6 catches and 2 Touch downs are a game high for a receiver.

In desperation to contain the onslaught, defending champs the Chiefs were constantly flagged for illegal blocks.Their only salvation was through the boot. All 9 of their points coming from the boot of Butker. Pat Mahomes in the early stages looked to get Kansas City the early advantage with the long range pass to no avail.By the time the third quarter ended, the Bucs had a 28-9 lead courtesy of a TD by Fournette adding to Brown and Gronkowski’s 2.