The Inaugural Nations League of 2018 provides another route for teams that failed to qualify for Euro 2020 to get to the finals. Here is how it works in the best way that I can explain.

16 teams have already qualified for the Euro 2020 finals from the conventional qualifiers. The total number of teams should be 24. So UEFA has introduced a playoff system consisting of the 16 top ranked teams who featured in the Nations League but didn’t qualify for Euro 2020 through the conventional system. Since most of the big guns have already qualified (most tier A and B sides except Iceland),the playoffs will consist of sides from tier C. These 16 sides were divided into 4 paths of 4 teams each,whereby each team will play another on a knockout bases culminating in a final. The winners of the final will qualify for Euro 2020. Yesterday 2 British teams qualified for the final of their respective paths,Scotland beating Israel on pens,same as Northern Ireland over Bosnia- Herzegovina. But Ireland lost their lotto with Slovakia. The playoff system was a masterstroke by UEFA as it affords lesser countries an opportunity to develop their game who otherwise would have become dormant after their respective Euro 2020 qualifiers